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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Here are the other two sets of stitch markers I recieved. Silly thing wouldn't let me put them in the same post. The pink ones came sooo beautifully packaged, and are sooo me. I adore them!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Stitch Marker Swap

This has been a really fun swap- it was the first time I'd ever made stitch markers, but I've really enjoyed it, and have found it quite theraputic to do. These are the ones I made...

And these are the six sets I have recieved so far! Well actually four, because it won't let me publish the other pictures, grrr...

Let's Catch Up... Secret Pals

As this is my first real post on my new blog, I'm going to show off my swaps and SP packages from the past couple of months, mainly because theyre just so beautiful that I want to share them all with you, hehe. So here goes:

One Skein:-
My One Skein exchange has been fantastic! My downstream pal is lovely, but I haven't done my reveal yet, so I can't divulge too much! My upstream is an absolute angel though. These are the lovely goodies she sent! In June, she sent a lovely ball of 100% Merino single ply lace weight, in a shade called 'Flowergarden', and in July, a beautiful skein of Hipknits sari silk to appeal to my inner hippy! I loved them both and can't wait to use them. Then my August package is a lovely little clutch bag in pretty pink colours, with an ingenious decorative feature- a hairpin! Its fantastic, thankyou so much!

Her name is Jane, and you can see her blog here

CheapA$$ Secret Pal-

This was my first year of secret pal swaps, and I've really really enjoyed it. Been enjoying putting together cool packages for my downstream, even though I've not been that great at being cheap! I will post her blod details on here once I've sent my reveal package! Which will hopefully be in a week or two, as the swap ends on September 1st.
My upstream pal is again, an angel. She sends me lots of lovely e-mails, and e-cards, and even sent a postcard from her holiday which I recieved today. She signs her name Mary Lynne or Knitting Secrets Queen, and spent her holiday driving and camping, between Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, to California and Oregon, even camping on the North Rim of The Grand Canyon. I recieved two packages from her so far, one with a beautiful card and some cleverly multi- sized stitch markers, and this one:

I love the brag book, it is just the cutest way to show off all your finished knitting projects. The darning needles (which are orange!) are fantastic too, and the yarn is really beautiful and soft and came with a great pattern for 'Mock Croc Socks'. It is Knitpicks Essential. Beautiful. And again, she is in no way cheap! Thankyou so much Mary Lynne/ Knitting Secrets Queen!

Hello all and welcome to my new blog! Hopefully at some point it will become much more intereting!