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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another CASP Package...

I got another, very cute flip-flop themed parcel from my CASP2. She sent me a magnet, some sticky notes and a lovely fluffy pen, all with similar flip flop designs! So cute!

Hehe, not cheap at all, but very much appreciated. Well CASP round 2 has ended now (I've signed up for round 3, as well as the Fall Frolic and the second stitch marker swap) but I still don't know who my knittingsecretsqueen is! I'm sooooo curious!! I'm hoping for the big reveal soon...

Much love,

Rach xxx

Swapped Stash Flash...

Okay, so this post is a bit of a stash flash. Its to show off all the beautiful yarns I recieved as Knittyboard Swap O' Rama Swaps with several wonderful knitters! I feel so spoiled, and it feels so lovely everytime I recieve a fab new parcel of yummy yarn in the post! So basically, this is me, showing off. Enjoy!

Koigu, and Lorna's Laces- my first experience with these yarns in the flesh, and as beautiful as I imagined. I especially adore the firey coloured Koigu- I'd love to get hold of more to make a Clapotis. Eek, I'm such a Knitty geek! The solid purple yarn in Cherry Tree Hill Silk and Cashmere blend, and it is stunning. I adore it!

Close up of the koigu and lorna's- lovely bright colours!

Close up of the Lorna's and Cherry Tree Hill

Lovely handpainted merino, mountain colours and rowan calmer- lovely muted bright tones. Gorgeous.

Sirdar Opium, Knitpicks Parade, Aarlan Cotton (a lovely surprise from Soapy!) and Noro Kureyon

Oooooh I love it all and feel so spoiled. I also got loads of coloured aluminium needles which I love, so vintage-chic, lol! I will add a photo of those later. I'm making an inventory of them right now so I can keep track, tehe, what a nerd. Thanks so much everyone! xx

Two more sets of stitch markers recieved, from Merrymom and AdoreOne. Theyre beautiful!