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Monday, November 27, 2006

Just thought I'd show off my Knitting and Stitching Show haul. Went in Harrogate on Sunday and bought this...

As you can see, I was really well behaved!! AND the red yarn and turquoise beads and brooch kit are Xmas pressies! So I think I deserve a halo. Or something. My restraint is mainly due to being poor, but I had lots of fun, and felt very inspired. There was some amazing student work, and some beautiful stalls. The whole thing made me decide to go part time after Christmas and start weaving again. I just cant stand not to be creative! So watch this space...

Spooooky knitting!

On saturday I recieved my Spooky/ Fall SP package, and it was full to bursting with spoilage! I have had such great SP's, I'm so lucky! Check out the goodies!!

She sent:

The Interweave Holiday Knits magazine
2 bags of yummy yummy Reese's Pieces
A sachet of Halloween Hot Chocolate that turns orange!
Hello Kitty post-its, pen and keychain, and Spin-A-Yarn post-its
2 skeins of gorgeous Koigu in Blue/purple colours
A cute tin of Green Apple mints in a Knitting Girl tin

It made my weekend and I love it all, thanks sooooooooo much SP!!!
The only mystery I have yet to work out is her Knitty identity... hmmmmmmmmmm. x

More CASP Goooooodies!!

I was soooooooooooooooo spoiled by my CASP- shes fabulous, and has pampered me no end! She sent all this loot!!

There was a vintage pattern magazine, a ribbon flower making kit, hello kitty and pandapple stationery and stickers, a reel of gorgeous ribbon, a tin of beads etc for making stitch markers, sweeties galore (one guess why theyre not in the picture!) some vampire fangs which were great fun for Halloween, and some gorgeous mohair blend yarn which she recycled from a charity shop jumper and has dyed lush turquoise colours. AND it all came in a gorgeous leather wine bottle holder which is perfect needle storage!!

Thankyou so much SP, you're a star!!!!